Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. There are two main reasons for this. First, I LOVE being scared…haunted houses, horror movies, etc. Second, I love to dress up and see how creative everyone else is with their costumes. Fortunately for me my sister Heather usually has a party with a specific theme every year so it helps to narrow my costume selection. This year the theme was to dress up like I looked in Jr. High. This was a piece of cake for me since I had several friends (Jodi, Jessica, Lori) still holding onto their overalls for some reason or other. Thanks guys! Once I had the overalls all I needed was some mousse, a diffuser, and a scrunchie.

Another way I decided to get into the Halloween spirit was to FINALLY go see Thriller. I'd heard only

good things about it and for some reason just never bought tickets to go. A bunch of us went to the Weber State performance for my friend Matt’s birthday. I had a great time, although I was a bit disappointed in it.

Pro’s- The Ghostbuster dancer was AMAZING! I could’ve just watched him dance the whole 2 hrs. I also really enjoyed the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein dance. I don’t know how some people are so flexible. The glow in the dark skeletons were interesting. There were also a couple of dances

that were intense and creepy like The Ring dance. I kept thinking if I was a little kid I’d be wetting my pants.

Con’s- The biggest con in my opinion is they dragged it out WAY too long! There seemed to be a skit or movie in between every dance and it wasn’t necessary. The worst video I believe was just propaganda that involved a souvenir bear and a shopping cart. I did think the Lorena Bobbit skits were pretty funny though. Lastly, I felt the “Jason” chainsaw skit was overhyped and not all that impressive. It had its comical moments, but it would’ve been better if it was cut in half…no pun intended.

I also found time during the Halloween season to watch Paranormal Activity 2. I was quite excited when I heard they were making a sequel since the first one was so frightening. I did enjoy the movie but the overall consensus of the people I went with was the first one was better. I did like the fact that it was explained why the demon chose the people it did. The movie just took too long to get to the scary part and once it did it didn’t last long enough. Although, it still was frightening enough to freak me out in the middle

of the night when I woke up and heard strange noises!


jess said...

yay so glad you are back!!

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Jodi said...

I was very surprised when my google reader notified me of your return!

Brookie said...

where's your updates shell??? come on girly!! love ya:)