Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. There are two main reasons for this. First, I LOVE being scared…haunted houses, horror movies, etc. Second, I love to dress up and see how creative everyone else is with their costumes. Fortunately for me my sister Heather usually has a party with a specific theme every year so it helps to narrow my costume selection. This year the theme was to dress up like I looked in Jr. High. This was a piece of cake for me since I had several friends (Jodi, Jessica, Lori) still holding onto their overalls for some reason or other. Thanks guys! Once I had the overalls all I needed was some mousse, a diffuser, and a scrunchie.

Another way I decided to get into the Halloween spirit was to FINALLY go see Thriller. I'd heard only

good things about it and for some reason just never bought tickets to go. A bunch of us went to the Weber State performance for my friend Matt’s birthday. I had a great time, although I was a bit disappointed in it.

Pro’s- The Ghostbuster dancer was AMAZING! I could’ve just watched him dance the whole 2 hrs. I also really enjoyed the Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein dance. I don’t know how some people are so flexible. The glow in the dark skeletons were interesting. There were also a couple of dances

that were intense and creepy like The Ring dance. I kept thinking if I was a little kid I’d be wetting my pants.

Con’s- The biggest con in my opinion is they dragged it out WAY too long! There seemed to be a skit or movie in between every dance and it wasn’t necessary. The worst video I believe was just propaganda that involved a souvenir bear and a shopping cart. I did think the Lorena Bobbit skits were pretty funny though. Lastly, I felt the “Jason” chainsaw skit was overhyped and not all that impressive. It had its comical moments, but it would’ve been better if it was cut in half…no pun intended.

I also found time during the Halloween season to watch Paranormal Activity 2. I was quite excited when I heard they were making a sequel since the first one was so frightening. I did enjoy the movie but the overall consensus of the people I went with was the first one was better. I did like the fact that it was explained why the demon chose the people it did. The movie just took too long to get to the scary part and once it did it didn’t last long enough. Although, it still was frightening enough to freak me out in the middle

of the night when I woke up and heard strange noises!

Long Time No Post..

Okay so it has been well over a year (or two) since I have updated this thing and I think it is probably time to do so. I am sure most of you have just deleted me from your page I probably would’ve done the same. I blame facebook for my blog demise…..BUT I am getting bored with fb so I thought I’d give blogging another try. I am probably going do things a little different this time. Since I do have a fb account then I wanted to use my blog to write and post things more on entertainment and pop culture. Those of you that know me best know that I am constantly going to movies and concerts. I figured that I could start writing about them and get opinions and feedback from others if they agree or not. So here goes for post number one….

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Miracles Do Happen!!

I know I know it's a miracle I am FINALLY posting something new. After I got home from Brazil, I just didn't have the motivation or time to spend on my blog (or anyone elses). I know it's no excuse.....but I am back!! The last two months I was working double duty. In the mornings I worked and my current job PCB-Solutions and then at night I would work at FedEx like always. It turns out I have a lot less energy and don't stay up as late as I used to when I have to be at work early EVERY day. On top of that I was also put in the Young Womens as a Beehive Advisor.....thanks to my mom who is now the YW President. I am happy to say that I am down to just one job now!!! For those of you interested in my new job, it is kinda hard to explain what we do and what I do. I would just suggest you check out our website if you really care As of today I guess my title would be customer support, but it changes all of the time. I am sorta inside sales/customer service. We are a small, but growing company so things are constantly changing. People are always asking me if I like my new job and the answer is YES. I do miss my old co-workers, but I love getting off early. Right now we are a little slower because it's the end of the year and let's face it the economy sucks. I know we will pick up and in the meantime I can sit and blog when I am bored at work.....right? One thing that I love about my new job is the flexibility and the people. When I was hired at PCB it turned out that I already knew the person I would be working the closest with. His name is Brenn Hill. We had a couple of classes together at WSU. I also know his wife and her family because they are good ole' Roy High Alumini. He is such an awesome guy and is going through a really hard time right now. His youngest boy had a massive brain tumor removed a little over a month ago. His son Briggs has been such a fighter and has battled so many obstacles to be where he is right now. Briggs started his chemotherapy at Primary Childrens yesterday. I ask for you to pray for him in beating his cancer. Although I have yet to meet Briggs, I feel like I know him already from all of the wonderful stories Brenn tells me about him. Here is a link to Briggs website for anyone who is interested in keeping up with his progress

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's GOOD to be HOME!!

So I am finally back after 24 hrs of traveling yesterday.  It started with a flight from Brazil to Washington D.C. at 9PM Saturday night and ended with a flight from LAX to SLC at 540 PM Sunday night.  I don't know if any of you have ever flown standby but it is VERY stressful!!! Nothing is guaranteed.  You never know if your gonna get on the flight until the last minute and if you don't make it then all of your plans are screwed.  We encountered this when we were trying to get to Sao Paulo. We were trying for a flight that had over 100 open seats so we weren't nervous at all about making the flight.  We were soooo wrong.  Apparently because there wasn't many passengers on the plane they decided to put a bunch of cargo on instead and so they put a weight restriction on the flight and we didn't get on.  It was a blessing in disguise though because then we were able to spend the night in a comfy bed at the Marriott and do some sightseeing the next day.  Thankfully were able to get on the flights we really needed to like the one from Brazil back to the US.  Everything else we just had to make it work and improvise a little.  Our plans were to go through Denver and arrive in Utah at 130 PM but ended having to stop in LA instead and got home at 830 PM.  Needless to say even though getting to and from Brazil was a stressful nightmare it was totally worth it and I'd do it again........just not anytime soon!!!  I had a wonderful time in Brazil and it was such an eye opening experience.  I will always remember the people I met and how gracious and kind they were.  Even though didn't have a lot they still offered us what they had.  Now that I am done venting about traveling I will get to work on posting some of my pictures so you can see how crazy Brazil is.  I give you props Jess for living there for 18 months.  I don't think I would have survived.    

Monday, September 1, 2008

6 Things

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1.       I am obsessed with sports.  It actually is more like an addiction, but I truly can’t get enough.  Whether it’s the Olympics or professional sports it doesn’t matter.  I am fortunate to have the baseball and football package at my house so I never have to miss a Yankee or Raiders game.  In the event that I do have plans when they are on I have my trusty phone to keep me updated to the minute.  I usually watch Sports Center at least twice a day and check ESPN’s website daily because you never know when someone gets traded and injured and I have to keep up on that stuff.

2.       I love scary movies.  This is something that me and Jessica definitely don’t have in common!!! She hates them, but luckily I have a good friend Lori that loves them as much as I do.  I am always over at her housing watching the latest horror movie.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a slasher flick, ghost story, or zombie movie.  I love them all. 

3.      I am the worst at telling time.  Jessica and I have had some issues with this in the past and so now I just don’t even wear a watch.  When I used to wear one it was strictly for fashion… usually didn’t even have the right time anyways.  If by chance I had set it to current time and someone asked what the time was I would just hold up my watch and let them figure it out because I wasn’t about to do it.  Thank goodness for cell phones.

4.      I love new music.  I am always getting new music from other people or trading cd’s with them.  I like to make people cd mixes and imixes.  I put a lot of time an effort into my mixes.  I don’t just throw a bunch of stuff on there.  I really think about where I want each song to go.  If you have been my friend for more than a couple of years I am sure that you have at least one of my mixes in your possession.

5.      I like to watch movies on Closed Captioning. When I used to have a room next to my parents they were always yelling at me to turn down my t.v. so I started watching it on CC and it just kinda stuck.  For the most part I will watch it without, but if I’m having a hard time understanding what a person is saying I will just turn on the CC and the problem is solved.

6.      I have no sense of direction.  I know my left and right (unlike Jodi), but I haven’t quite figured out the whole North, South, East, West thing.  Looking at a map I can figure it out because up is always North and so forth.  But when I am in a situation with no map, I tend to struggle.  My family all make fun of me because whatever direction I am heading I say is North.  I know it’s not right I just haven’t quite trained myself how to do it correctly.  Even with the mountains!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My home away from home!

Considering that I have been to California 3 times this year I am officially calling it my home away from home. I love everything about Cali. The weather is always perfect and they have so many things you can do there. For this trip the highlight was going to watch the Yankees play in was also the reason or I could say our excuse to go. We arrived on Thursday and came home on Monday. I had a great time hanging out with family and entertaining my cousins boy Tristan. Since my aunt and uncle live in Thousand Oaks we decided to get a hotel for one night in Anaheim. I was glad my aunt came up with the idea cuz it took us over 2 hours to get there. They had the freeway closed down for a funeral or something. Traffic would be my only complaint with is way to crowed and takes forever to get anywhere. Once we got to Anaheim we went to this place Dave & Busters that I love. It is kinda like a high class Chucky Cheese. We ate our lunch then played games forever until we could check in at the hotel. That night we went to the game. Angel stadium is a really nice and our seats turned out great. The only bad part of the night was the Yanks lost, but other than that it was awesome. They had the coolest fireworks I have ever seen after the game. The next day we got up early(for me) and headed over to California Adventures. Some of my family had never been there so they enjoyed that. Plus they had a new ride since the last time I went and it was fun. After we went on most of the rides there we headed over to Disneyland. I was very surprised that it wasn't more crowed especially since it was a Saturday. The longest we waited was 40 minutes for Space Mountain, which is nothing compared to the 90 minutes I have waited previously. We just relaxed the next day watching the Olympics and had some ice cream and cake for Scott's bday. My aunt made her famous chocolate cake which everybody loved yet again. On Monday we met up with my cousin Aimee who had been in Maui all week. Ya I know I'm jealous too!! We went to this place in Malibu that Scott loves for his bday and I had some yummy pizza. We got back to their house in just enough time for Scott to shove in another piece of cake and leave. Once we got on the freeway it gave us about 1 hour before our flight. Needless to say I was kinda freaking. We had to still return our rental car plus check in. Everything worked out in our favor though. Luckily the flight was delayed or else we would've been spending the night in Cali. one more night. Which of course I wouldn't have mind......but my work probably would have.

Happy Birthday Scott!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun on the 24th

Me and the fam went to the rodeo last Wednesday.  My friend Jess came along too because Jim had to go out of town on business so we had an extra ticket. I hadn't been in awhile.....but not much had changed.  It was still really crowded and there were a ton of interesting people to watch.  One person me and Jess were keeping an eye on was this hot guy that was helping out at the rodeo.  He was there to help wrangle up the bulls and horses after the riders had fallen off.  We had front row seats so we had a pretty good view of him and dang he was good looking.  I usually don't go for cowboys or think they are really hot, but I would've made an exception for this guy.  Justin and Erin had a lot of fun at the rodeo too, but it had nothing to do with the animals.  Justin just liked to dance every time a song would come on and Erin was pretending to style mine and Jess's hair.  I guess afterwards they were able to both sit on a horse because of someone Ryan knew.  Erin said her favorite part was riding a horse! I thought that was pretty funny.  The next day I slept in, because I hardly ever get to LOL. We then got the gang back together and headed up to the Fish Farm in No. Ogden.  Other than it being ridiculously hot we had a good time.  Justin did  a good job and even caught a fish all by himself without falling in.  I was just glad that Scott was gracious enough to take the hook out of all the fish I caught, because I DO NOT like to touch the fish.  Everyone came over that night and we cooked the fish and it was delish.  For dessert we cooked smores over our charcoal grill and then did some fireworks.  It was a fun couple of days and I definitely wasn't looking forward to going back to work on Friday!!!